Sunday, 31 October 2010

Total War

While in GAME (UK Gamestop equivalent) I happened accross the Empire Total War DLC Pack, it was on sale so I purchased it while already planning milatary and economic domination like a giddy schoolgirl! After spending 30 frustrated minutes with steam trying to recall passwords, secret questions and such I was finally free to conqur the world as Spain again. Not even 30 minutes in and the dissilusionment that stopped me playing the first time had set in again. A common feature that I have noticed in the Total War series seems to be wasted potential and insanely retarded AI.
As an example after building up a stupidly good reputation with the minor nation of Genoa, protecting them from Austrian expansion etc, gifts gamore, the still refuse to become a protectorate, and before that it cost me half my balance (admitedly unnesecarily large) just to open up trade links.
While the game is a military simulation to all extents and purposes I tire of 1 area nations declaring war on the 50+ territory supergiant that has spent 100's of thousands and half the game trying to open up trade with. No side will ever surrender in a seige, no one wants to play economics/ diplomatic buddies for longer than 6 turns before they declare war e.t.c. I eventually feel frustrated to the point when I feel it would be easier to just conquor them. Oh Well, at least I will always have France as an ally -.-.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

New Hamster

Just popped down to my local pet store the inocculously exists at the bottom of the street. Not expecting much I entered to be greeted by the most adorable tiny hamster I have ever seen. Being an expert at impulse purchases the tiny creature was purchased on the spot! I took the Female Russian Hamster of 5 weeks home to an unsuspecting girlfriend who was overjoyed with our new pet. :)